Cadbury’s #chocpluswhat campaign

No doubt many of you have heard about Cadbury’s recent foray into Vegemite chocolate (some of you may have even been brave enough to try it!). What you might not know is that this is just the latest in a string of unusual or unique chocolate pairings that Cadbury has been promoting on social media.

Source: Cadbury Dairy Milk's Facebook page
Source: Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Facebook page

Some of the flavours they have used so far include the following:




Yum! But we all know what social media can be like… so when they put out this question…

Source: Cadbury Dairy Milk's Facebook page
Source: Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Facebook page

…some of the responses were yum…

Source: Cadbury Dairy Milk's Facebook page
Source: Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Facebook page

…and as you can see, Cadbury’s did a pretty good job of encouraging engagement by responding to everyone’s suggestions. It was all over Twitter too:

Source: Cadbury's Twitter feed
Source: Cadbury’s Twitter feed

Then things started getting interesting…

Source: Meanwhile in Australia's Facebook page
Source: Meanwhile in Australia’s Facebook page
Source: OZdesigns' Facebook page
Source: OZdesigns’ Facebook page
Source: Liff-gow Brahh's Facebook page
Source: Liff-gow Brahh’s Facebook page

The campaign was also being blogged about (here, here, and here).

Successful? Undoubtedly! But why – what was it about this campaign that had everyone talking?

Here’s why I think this campaign was such a success:

  1. they created some new, interesting flavours, to start the buzz;
  2. they then asked for suggestions. This got people involved and encouraged engagement;
  3. they interacted with consumers – I couldn’t find an unanswered post!;
  4. they probably guessed they’d get some whacky suggestions – they capitalised on this by getting rumours out about the Vegemite version, but left it a few days before confirming, thus creating a sense of anticipation among consumers; and finally

They were really never going to fail.

What do you think – was this a foolproof campaign? Are there any other reasons you can think of for its success? And finally – how much fun do you think it would be to work in Cadburys’ marketing department???


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